Upgrading the Past

   Its great to be able to get the garden in the ground. Fresh babies all in a neat and tidy row. Got all the right tools for the new season. Plenty of fertilizer, bug killer, weed killer, oyster killer, killer killer. I’ve spent about $ 250.00 so far…. Wait, I’m supposed to be “growing” , not killing? Wait, the media and commercials are promoting all this to make my garden “foolproof”. Wait again. I want to be Eco-friendly. Why does it cost more to buy “Eco”? Its less harmful stuff, right?

   I get so tired of hearing this. Plain and simple, go ask your Grand Parents how they did the “Victory Gardens” back in the day. There was no bagged goods, no special applicators, no “green sand” products that cost a fortune, and by the way, for all you “Sustainable Gardeners”, anything that has to be “Harvested” is NOT sustainable. We harvest Green Sand, Peat Moss, Bagged Soils, etc. Oops, I let that slip out. I’m sure that somewhere in your neighborhood, there is someone who has an abundance of Oak leaves, Pine Needles, etc. that goes to the local landfill. I have seen great stuff growing in the landfill. Mother Nature must be proud. How do you think she feeds her own? Green Sand, I mean COME ON!

   OK. Back to your backyard. It’s March, It’s getting close. First timer? Old Hat? First Timers, meet Old Hats. They are the ones that can grow anything right? You had problems last year, and probably blamed something. Weather, stupid seeds, wrong media advice, long vacation, bugs, the old “Brown Thumb” syndrome. But the Lady down the street fed the entire block out of her 15’x20′ plot. How’d she do it? Oh, she’s made mistakes before, but only once. See, gardening is like a nice soothing lesson. You do, you screw up, you correct, you enjoy. That’s the difference between Gardening and Landscaping. There are no rules in Gardening. If you are following rules, then you are only Landscraping. How hard is it to get a seed in contact with moist soil? How hard is it to get good soil? Leaves fall to the base of a tree in the woods. No one cleans them up. They decay, and turn to dirt, compost if you will. Not the first empty plastic bag in sight. 

   Back to Old Hats. Its simple folks. If we haven’t learned from our own mistakes from just last season, and we don’t heed the Old Hats advice. We won’t make it, especially now, when everyone is putting in some sort of plot because of the economy. We will buy all the killers while trying to get something to live. Find an Old Hat. They love to teach, share, help. There’s nothing new under the Sun. It’s all been there since the dawn of time. So have the Old Hats. So have Garden Coaches. Find one.

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