Dazed and Contused?


By now, here in central Va., you have had a bunch of rain, so you may be experiencing some minor problems. Before, we talked of soil conditioning. We need to realize that Ma Nature is the bomb. The plowing, feeding, mulching, weeding, don’t mean squat. Unless you have learned what exactly what SOIL is. I see a lot of you buying the cheap bagged stuff in the box stores. It will ( or has ) turned into the concrete you were standing on at the time you purchased it.  Where’s your leaves from the fall? Oh, no trees? Cutting grass now? There you go, Bag that green gold, and use as mulch now. FREE nitrogen, FREE mulch. FREE from amendments in the bag! Come on, ever hear of Sustainable Gardening? Use what Ma gives you. Your Grand Parents did. So did theirs. And there was always food on the table. Have a Koi pond? That “muck” you get out of there is like gold. Spread it around your plant bases. Ever tried manure tea? One bag of, OK, “store bought” manure, a burlap bag, a 32 gal Rubbermaid (or cheap one) trash can, some water, and a piece of rope, and you can feed your garden for 2 months. Put the manure in the sack, tie the rope around it to make a, well, tea bag of sorts. Put it in the water for a few days, and you can dip it out to feed your live goods. I have one in a field rain barrel, and use the hose to apply it.

For the rain issue. If your plants are turning yellow at the bottom, they are not thirsty. They are drowning. Don’t water. Soil amendments like Oak leaves, grass clippings, pelleted gypsum, will help a great deal. Of course, if you are one of those lawn jockeys, that throw every poison and weed killer at your lawn at the mention of it on the media, don’t put those clippings on your edibles. YOU WILL DIE too!.  Lets get smart here. If the bag of stuff says on the warning label, ” DO NOT INGEST” then DO NOT INGEST by second hand servings.

I have Tomatoes on the vine now. Peppers showing. Beans are on the climb, and my Squash and Cukes are almost in bloom. Red Sails Lettuce is going to be harvested this week. Cherries are abundant, not ready yet, Peaches, Apricots and Blueberries are making an impressive showing. Elderberries, Blackberries and Raspberries are making me proud. Onions, don’t get me started, holy cow! Been using my herbs for over a month now. I am happy. I am gardening. I am dirty. I am one with the natural order. I am full of poop…. Really. It’s a Zen thing. I like to give back to what I take from Ma Nature. Keeps my fire and water equal. Look at Michelle Obama. Her gaze is always proof of some fond memory. She can use a shovel. She knows the secret. You can as well…. Get on your knees and get dirty with a loved one. I am talking about weeding, for those shallow minded. They are up and running, robbing your work of nutrients. Maybe you will like to use Dandy lions in your salad, But Henbit, Wire grass, spurge, and chickweed, do not taste good.