So, What Now?

     Wow. Are we feeding anyone yet? Are you harvesting so much you are taking produce to work to give to your co-horts? Are you trading with the neighbors or family? Wait… Did we say “produce?” A tomato is not produce, is it? But when is the amount of veggies and fruits considered to be called,  produce?  I mean, are we actually producing, produce?  Man, were farming now!  Let’s go over a few items on ways to keep the produce, producing on a production level, so as not to spoil the produce we are trying to produce. Hate that word now, don’t you? Did that to get your mind off the weeds and bugs.

    First off, is there going to be enough air circulation through out the plot? If not, prune a little, not much, but remember how big or crowded things are getting for next years plans. Air circulation is important for fungus relief and bug transmittal.  And, it looks better.

    Are we mulching with something? Shredded news paper, straw, bagged grass clippings ( without weed and feed, or bug killers), or just plain mulch. Moisture control is going to be very important soon. Ma Nature can turn off the tap when she wants, and leave it off, and we will be in trouble.

   Hows the war on bugs going? Got your companion plantings in there working for you? The way the Winter lingered here this year, everything has waited to hatch, emerge, appear, migrate, or just plain show up at the same time making it seem worse than ever. Its not. It’s just the timing of the phenology. We’re OK.

   Feeding at regular intervals? Harvesting regularly? Pick to get more. Once the fruit goes past mature, the plant may start to go dormant, thinking it has produced enough seeds to survive. Indeterminate plants will shut down somewhat, and thats not what we want. Determinate types, well theres no choice, but have fun canning, then start the next crop, you still have time.

   Its still not rocket science. When a seed touches soil, and the moisture, light, food, etc., conditions are met, it will germinate, and we will have a plant. Enjoy your gardens for today. Take the pictures, weed, harvest, sweat, complain, harvest some more. Show a child what you did, and let them help. Keep your garden journal up to date for next year. Worry about whats in front of you for now. Next years garden belongs to next year. Thats what makes January so much fun. Ah, the journal…..