Watch the Critters. I Am, and They’re Scaring Me!

Anyone paying attention to the critters and out-of-season blooming plants? Whaddya think about Phenology? I kinda think we are in for it this Winter in Richmond, and all points north. Squirrels are wrecking the trees already. ALL my peaches are gone, as well as Elderberries, and now they are stripping my Red Twig Dogwoods. My Asters are blooming, and my Fire Power Nandinas are turning Copper already. Uh-oh, remember last February? Squirrels were literally ripping into houses, and weeds were kinda behind schedule. Then, 10 inches of snow in early March. We are on the cusp of the 25 to 30 yr bad winter scale. I’m getting my firewood very soon. Nope, not waiting. What about Atlantic temps? Still below last 15 yr average, no tropical weather so far, OK, one depression in what, late April? All the bugs came about at the same time frame. They know, come out, mate, lay eggs, die. Woohoo! Kinda like failing 4th grade… Ya got rooked… The Farmers Almanac has been famous forever on their predictions. I mostly rely on anyone over 70, to let me know. They know the year, month, date, what day it was, and the most believable ones, know what time the big storms hit. (That’s the ones you take care of). Pay attention folks, I think it will be a quick, early Fall, followed by long, cold and to some (mostly parents of school age kids), miserable winter. This doesn’t mean not to study for Winter Exams, but, well you startwatching Mother Nature yourself. Kinda has me nervous so far. My employer usually listens to me on these things. We get the bust on everyone because the local weather folks will miss certain things. March 2nd was a “dusting” with maybe 2-3 inches. We got down all winter gear and products on Feb 28th, all gone by the 4th. Ya kinda have to respect Mother Nature. She’s talking to us, and some ain’t listening. Maybe I’ll look at a Generac for my home… No, have two fireplaces, and parents have the generator. We will survive. Freezing a lot of garden veggies, which I will have to use for bartering to the parents. Collecting pinecones , twigs, and fatwood. Warmth, food, company, something good to read, and collecting 2 Buck Chuck for emergency use, also a bartering tool. Next few years the whoohoos will be crying Nuclear Winter to us because of the temps….Maybe the sky IS falling. Maybe its the Southern Oscillation, you know, El Nino and La Nina misbehaving. I dunno, you watch. Make your own opinion.

Again, congrats to Boondoogle, Australia for not allowing the sale of or transportation of bottled water in or through their township. First place in the world to say no… Who’s next?