Tropics Still Pushing

Tropical Influences

So has anyone noticed where the East Atlantic Tropical Waves have been forming this year? I have seen just about all pop up in a more Southern Latitude this year than normal…. But, I have also done some homework for you. Most depressions have formed lower than normal because of the Atlantic’s surface temp. Its cooler than it has been for the last 15 years, so they need to go South to pick up some warmth.  Most of the cat 4 and 5 storms that get to CONUS are born off the coast of Africa, right at the Cape Verde Islands. This year, they have been from a more southern Latitude. La Nina is alive and well, and El Nino is pushing from the West at the upper altitudes, knocking off the tops of the tropical depressions. and the Coral Beds have not bleached out like they have in a long time. So, if the Jet Stream is holding off in the Great Lakes region most of the time, and the Atlantic is cooler than it has been in a long time, and my Asters have been blooming for well over a month, and the squirrells have been like “practice” nesting for the last 5 weeks, and…. well, there is much more but I will spare you the agony of my worldly observations.

We are on a 30 year cycle here in Richmond. 15 year “mini” cycles. When the Jet Stream holds like it has been, then it is almost like the refrigerator door being shut all the time, keeping in the cold, letting it build up…. Its getting ready to open… and when it does, there will be a lot of cold air pouring down to us every 7 days for a good while. We will see the same weather patterns every week, on the day for about 12 weeks.  Wouldn’t it be cool, if I were right on this? Moisture patterns will continue to form from the South East and cold dry air from the North West. Lets see, cold, dry Canadian air meeting cold, wet  Southern climate…. Um, carry the 2, multiply x pi, and we get kids home from school a lot, so stock up on your snacks, line up a babysitter, get your firewood, and don’t panic. It will only be here for about the next 4 years, then we are back to 68 degrees on Christmas…

So the big picture is this. You will see things bloom, germinate, die off for good, and a lot more damage than in recent years. Stop paying attention to the media about fertilizing, and do your own homework. Get your Fall feedings in on time. Prune and structure like you are supposed to, or you will lose things. Strange things will appear that will baffle you if you have not been paying attention. Bugs will be confused and caught in the freeze without allowing for their mating time, but other bugs we haven’t seen in a while will try to get in to your comfy home, unless the limbs growing over the power lines that no one paid attention to will get you.. See, that’s one thing that Mother Nature will do to control her bugs and creepy rodents that are getting over abundant. Look up, the sky is falling. The moisture will continue, and I think I read somewhere that 1″ of rain could be 1′ of snow at 32 degrees at sea level, if the ground is at 32 degrees also….. Yeah, got my 2 Buck Chuck stocked up, fire wood this week, candles, flashlights, canned goods, and a little bit of other stuff to get me through the Winter…  We’ll see.