Overseeding in Richmond

OK. Its October. The sky is losing that nice deep blue color, and waning towards the greys of Winter. Soon, I will be shoveling snow… Again. As most of you got your distraught lawn rehab done on time starting in August, planting in September, and are now into your second feeding, you are well on your way to a healthy sod bed. As the leaves start falling, don’t forget to mulch them in place, right in the lawn, makes good stuff and helps to garden the soil. As they start falling heavier, then take them up and re-use as mulch in your beds, or get them composting for next Spring. Leave the weeds alone for now, except those of you who have cut your new grass at least 3 times. You all can now spot treat for weeds with a selective herbicide. Thin out the competition in the lawn, and get in competition with the neighbors. As the feedings continue, make sure your NPK’s are not promoting root, no Phosphorous, just Nitrogen and Potassium ( 29-0-14). Remember, “up, down, all around”.

For those who got started late, and either have barely any germination happening, or still in the seed stage, IF we go to frost here soon, make sure to water your lawn good in the evening the night of the frost. Wet soil, and freezing is better that dry and frost, like freezer burn, see? Those dry seeds will split open and be done, and those very young seedlings will burn. Wet is better than dry, and this is the ONLY time you will ever hear me say water at night, ever… Next year get started in early September, and have your seed down the week before the Va. State Fair gets here. Pretty much guaranteed rain for 2 weeks.

Side note. For those who argued about the heat through Sept, too hot to seed folks, remember this. We start losing daylight on the first day of SUMMER. By the time Sept gets here, we are down like 2 hrs. or more of actual light. The angle of the sun is greatly down towards the South. As you may be hot on a 90 degree day, the soil bed it cooling. Far from 90 something in July. The quicker you get that fescue lawn started, fed properly and on time, and healthy, the less of you will be throwing a lot of wasted fertilizer down in the Spring and Summer. News flash, your tall fescue lawn is not feeding then, but Bermuda is. 

Something I noticed this year. First day of Summer is what, June 21st or so? I see people putting down 29-3-4 on their lawns around July, and in about 2 weeks their lawn starts to green up some. Then, of course, the fungus sets in… Aren’t the days getting shorter already? Those folks that didn’t put down Nitrogen, had the same green-up, but had no fungus… The folks who got in the three feedings in the Fall, their lawn browned out some, left it alone, and when a nice toad choking rain came, it greened up again. Those who went out and threw down the Nitrogen, lost the lawn, but gained a new friend, Bermuda (wire grass), cause that’s when it likes to be fed.. See, Tall Fescue will lose the leaf (blade) to STOP feeding in extreme heat, turn brown, play dead. Here comes a nice thunderstorm, and poof, its growing again and you are back to cutting grass…  Come on, stop killing my beloved crabs in the bay, fescue does not feed in the heat, the food is un-consumed, and washes off into the watershed that we depend on. Won’t be long before that precious bottled water that most people have to have for some reason, will have a large N-P-K on the label… Get it? 

Thanks for the pics sent btw, love the Wrigley Field striping some of you are doing. I do not post pics from readers, not my lawn, not my work. Bing or Google lawn pics if you want to see others lawns.