Adobe Garden?

OK, this info has been compiled by me for a few years. I have this uncontrollable urge to follow trends that I know, won’t work. Usually, they are the trends, lame ideas, etc, by those individuals who just want to make a buck off ya’s… If you notice, my site is free… You can buy things from me, but I will never sell you anything. Not a car salesman.

For the past 8 years, there have been certain folks who promote using sand, whether it be green, beach, contractors, or whatever, to help in the amending of clay soils. Yeah, you may get like two seasons/years of “perking” soil to the root bed. Now, after say, three to five years, things are dying, and of course, there is the “miracle” cure put out by the same folks, which is a gypsum based, over priced material. You see, sand, clay, straw (old plant material) makes what? That’s right, bricks. Ask Moses when you see him. There was also a time where some garden centers were telling folks to put a layer of gravel in the bottom of the hole to keep the roots from drowning… What? Not making a BMP (now go look that up, it will be on the next quiz). After two years of that scenario, that pretty Kousa Dogwood now has mushrooms around the base a few days after every big rain… Guess what? That’s right, another miracle cure from the “gotcha” industry.. Wanna know what it was? Rid-ex, but not labeled as such. See Rid-ex is like $4.00 a box, a nice enzyme that eats up unused organics to keep things “flowing”. The other was around $12.00 for a tiny bit, but came in a convenient shaker bottle.. BTW, we “harvest” sand and bagged goods… Not very sustainable now is it?

Bottom line… Garden your soil, before you garden. If you aren’t into composting, I bet you know someone who is. For a little help with their “gold”, I bet you could have some.. See, true gardeners are “givers”, not landscapers. They garden so as to make their surroundings better than when they found them. They give back to Mother Earth. They will give you some compost. You could also buy it in the bag. My fav is Mushroom Compost. But it’s best to apply it the season before you plant, it’s a hard worker and will make you proud. My soil at my home is fantastic. My Grandparents used what was here, to garden the soil. I still do the same, nothing gets wasted. Now that’s not to say that Ma Nature doesn’t throw a few tricks at me from time to time. She has a sense of humor, slightly twisted, but none the less, she makes me think and solve.. Kinda makes me wonder what Ug and Grog’s gardens looked like while they were carving out that stone wheel.. Their sister Mathilda was a composter. She was the gatherer, she knew the scoop on soil. Dinosaur poop, now that must have been rough to compost. There was no convenient shaker bottle.