Pickin’ Veggies…

Zucchini, Peppers, Squash, Radishes. Eating Summer already. Couldn’t wait for this. Tomatoes are gorgeous. Glad I put the milk down last month. Be eating them soon. Gonna have to, loaded. My Egg Plant and beans are blooming great. Cherries all done, Blueberries are next. June is a great month for gardening, huh?

Had to venture out a bit to help a friend garden on her balcony. She wanted a jungle, she got one. Topsy Turveys (3) window boxes full of herbs, peppers, and more herbs. Made me home-made Pesto last week from her “Garden”. I may have to start designing “Balcony Gardens” in the future. Had some potted up volunteers from my landscape, now on “The Balcony”. She’s hooked. One of my Daughters has been doing it for a couple of years now. Second year Raspberries on hers plus veggies and herbs as well. Amazing how much you can stuff on one balcony. All you need is one chair out there anyway… Yep, everyone gets hooked. A little dirt, a few seeds, water, hooked.

 We’re having fun now.