Garden Regulating?

Really? I can’t grow, what?

So here I’m thinking all is safe around me as long as I can garden. I can grow, fix, adjust, sweat, pick, enjoy, trade……. Wait, I can’t trade certain veggies, Mr. Guv’ment man? Whats that? I can’t grow tomatoes or green beans? Why are you in my backyard anyway? Just make sure you don’t go over there…

That article is popping up again about the Government saying that there are certain vegetables that you can’t grow, and that you can’t trade with a neighbor, because your backyard garden space is not USDA approved or inspected.. I mean come on, really? But, they are taking position, to regulate the growing of Mary Jane instead of banning it. About time, but for the lack if anything else to do, now they are telling me, “No more Black Krims, or Yard Long Asian beans in the back yard”. I can see it now, all those who can garden, will have the prettiest Pot growing in the yard, but no veggies. Well there are veggies back there, ya just can’t see ’em un till you fire up a bowl… I guess that means that Michelle Obama wont be gardening on the White House lawn anymore, well not veggies….

I can see it now, helicopters flying over, g-men rappelling down, yanking out the garden, slinging tomatoes everywhere…. But there’s the pot, undisturbed…. Excuse me, but just when did we flip over to Bizzarro World? Really…

See, they want to regulate your garden, and maybe even tax it, I read that too, because you won’t spend the money for veggies. They want you, to be controlled on how much produce you can grow of certain types of vegetables, in your own back yard. This isn’t about power-hungry HOA’s, this is the Federal Government folks. Absurdity at its best.

Well, I’m gardening. I have a lot of people to feed. I already feel like I’m sneaking around because I’m starting seeds indoors already. Yep, I’ll be out there in a couple of months, putting the babies in the bed, sweating, getting dirty, watering, and keeping a lookout for any helicopters.


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