Goochland Garden Club

This morning I had the privilege to talk with the Ladies of the Goochland Garden Club. What an energetic group they are. Most clubs like me to wait somewhere until it’s time for me to lecture, some allow me to sit in. I’m glad these gals let me sit in, I got to hear all that they were up to, and man, are they busy. They put out so much business that they had done, and were gonna do, I forgot what I was supposed to talk about. But it got me thinking on how important  community involvement is. How nice it is to see the span of years in age, and they all had a common goal. And that is to give

As I was being introduced, I was actually thinking, “I can’t compete with them”. But then when I started to get into my subject matter, they made me feel welcome. They wanted to know what I knew. I never have given a lecture in all these years where I didn’t learn something from my group, but these ladies made me remember the basic values in my endeavors, and that is I have been, given… I have been given simple values as a child, and what I did with them was up to me. I chose, to give. So Thank You Ladies of this club, for allowing me to intrude.

I was given two topics to talk about, and I think we covered about nine. I could still be going, if it wasn’t for food, and yes they had a very nice spread, including Peach Tea, haven’t had that in probably two decades. It’s not often that I write about my classes or lectures that I give, but this one was especially pleasant. I am happy this group is doing the things I heard about during their meeting. Not just because it was about gardening, but because it was a community that cared, that, like me, want to leave what they found, better than how they found it.

Thank You Ladies of the Goochland Garden Club, for having me.

Kevin Cutlip

Things I should Know

Ok this is a bit off the garden venture, but it’s just some questions and observations I have.

The speed of sound at sea level at 32 degrees F.

How old my Dad was when he died.

That I’m out of coffee before I run out, same with toilet paper.

Why song wedgies are always stupid songs.

The 5 properties of milk from chilled to boil.

How to get rid of certain apps on my stupid smart phone.

Which daily Horoscope to believe.

Your age while you are hitting on me, before we date.

How confusion helps me figure out things, instead of being methodical and organized.

Why I’m never satisfied with yesterdays outcome.

Why I can’t wait until tomorrow to fix it.

The phrase, “Who shot John”, who is “John”.

Where the damn Brass Bulldog is.

Why I never seem to see it coming for myself, but I always help others because I see what their outcome will be.

In all the “Who’s Who?” lists, is there one with someone with the name, “Who”?

Why I am so good at things I don’t care about, but can’t excel in things I dream about.

Why bad thing’s come in three’s, but good thing’s rarely happen.

Why I can’t stop. I mean I have the feeling that if I do stop, everything will catch up with me, and I’ll be toast.

How to correctly read my 6 page Verizon bill.

What that infernal ticking noise is in my DVR.

Why I had a thousand things to say here, and once I got started, hardly anything comes to mind.

That if one and one don’t make two, one and one makes one, ( from The Who ), then why do I care. ( also from The Who ).

Why, every morning, is the right laces always shorter than the left.

I’ll post more here as I remember them, maybe.