Balcony Gardening

I’ve been getting a lot of hits lately on Lawn Care, Pruning, Feeding, Hardscaping, etc., but only two inquiries about Balcony or Apartment Gardens. I know you folks are out there, just wondering about your abilities. I have produced a few since Spring for some who want “space-saving” type gardens, and only one was a terrace. The others had room, just didn’t want to fool with large gardening or the maintenance. So here are a few that we did, which include old store fixtures, gutters, broken fountains, and just about anything we could find.




These are just a few, but the internet is loaded with ideas. You just need to be on the lookout for “vertical garden” items like the old store racks, etc. If you can’t grow down, grow up. Old lighting works great as well as an unused aquarium. Don’t be afraid to try things on your balcony, and soon you will have that garden you desire up there.

Lets see your ideas and projects. How do yo keep a confined garden producing?


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