Polar Vortex Means Garden Indoors!!

Gardening is therapy, that’s why they invented, March!!

Since the last Newsletter went out, I have been inundated with requests for info about several items and “theory’s” about climate, chemicals, GMO, Government Gardening Intervention, and a ton of, “Can I”…. The last one is easy.. Yes, you can. I do, all the time.. The rest, well, let’s just see what we have here.

Global Warming. Really folks, It IS a trend. Climatically speaking, NO, Maryland people won’t see Crotons thriving in their landscape. Richmond Va will not be “ocean front” property. Ma Nature has been playing with the notion of another Ice Age for about 10,000 years. We have one every 17,000 years or so, so just keep watching the climate trends, they will change again, it does every 30 years, just to keep us wondering. “Average” rainfall and temps, are just that, THE AVERAGE, of an assumed timeframe to make the ratio reality if the decade. I was in Reagans first inauguration. It was 7 degrees that day. The January record high, was 81 in 2002. March record, 94 in 1907. Average that, remember how to do averages? In my previous News Letters, blogs, all my public lectures, I refrain from being nailed down to a date on when to…. Anything gardening. That’s why, I push you to keep your own garden journal. Phenology is a wonderful, misunderstood science blown away by the media, and the big retailers. If there’s one thing I have learned from my decades of gardening, it’s when to change the channel when any garden product vendor is on. I’m shocked, that some haven’t marketed “Un-global Warming” in a can or bag. OK, enough of that, just ponder,  Media x $$ – (executive CEO -pension/perks) = mass panic x layoffs/stock loss squared.

Government in My Backyard?  or GGI  Now, lets let this one out. The Government, has gotten involved with how much vegetables, and what kind, you can grow. Really, it’s out there. This is the third year. Some localities have actually adopted the plan, because of, well, I won’t name names, but the signs in the stores say,’ Locally Grown” or “organically grown”…. Know who now? Over priced produce, that’s not actually local. Check for yourself. Have one of those fancy “scan” apps on your phone? Peel back their label, and you can find most of the time the actual farms scan bar.. Yeah.. Local? There’s a guy going around the country busting these markets as he finds them just with that little scan app.. But, these people and their growers are showing up in congress again for the third year, bolstering us for growing our own food, and not buying from them to keep from eating GMO or chemically enhanced foods.. Google it.. It’s there. And it’s ugly. There are 5 veggies you grow, that you can’t share with neighbors, because you aren’t USDA certified….. It’s there, and coming to your neighborhood soon.

OK, Now the Illusive Chemical Thing Is “Gluten Free” really, free? No, not unless you grow your own Amaranth, Mosh, greens, etc. There is now a huge effort to expose the use of Glyphosate on some crops as a “desiccant”… yes, a desiccant. It’s use is for “killing” of the crop, to make it suitable for harvest, without the leftover “greens” in it. In other words, they “kill” the crop with Glyphosate, for harvest. And you’re eating it.. WAIT!! it gets better. Some of the crops that are GMO, “Round-Up” resistant, they use Corn Gluten in the fields to suppress weeds or unwanted plant growth. Corn Gluten, after 3 years of application, can start to cake up in the soil, and the crops, will start taking up the 10 percent nitrogen available from it, thus, taking up the corn gluten and creating a number 4 thing a Celiac person can’t ingest, besides Barley, Wheat, or Rye… Want more? They spray 2-4d on GMO crops to kill off the broad leaf weeds in hay and straw “suitable” for cattle and horse consumption. I’m still waiting on the results from a few universities about does the animal absorb or eliminate the killer? I think it eliminates it because I have used 2-4d treated hay-horse-poop-tea recently and the plant life didn’t make it….. I don’t like 2 4d in my cereal or my grill. Makes me see spots for a while. Let me know what you find out.