Gardening For Beginners Club RVA

Gardening For Beginners Club in RVA!!

So, Let’s get this going. I know from over 25 years of experience, there are so many of you that want to start, did start, started and quit… I know why you did, you had the wrong info from retailers or erroneous websites, that left you hanging because they couldn’t explain what Ma Nature did…

So you went to a local Nursery, box store, and bought a lot of “things’ that went in the ground. Some lived, some, didn’t. Why? You did the “Brown side down, green side up” thing. Sun, Shade, Annual, Perennial. Tree, Shrub. Evergreen, Deciduous. Tropical, Hardy.  Fake, plastic…. Well, if the last two failed, you really need this club!!!

I am a Personal Garden Coach. I don’t care if you live on the third floor balcony, long narrow Town Home, just built a home in Va clay, selling, just closed, it doesn’t matter, this Beginners Club, is for you. This special club will not only get you connected with your property, lifestyle, self improvement, healthy lifestyle, grounding, or any other Horticultural Therapy, we will all, grow together.

Community Gardens, let’s get it on. Feed more folks, find a local restaurant to fill with your left overs. Backyard oasis people, paver patio, fire pit, water garden, edible landscape, container balcony fruits. I got you. There’s so much to do, with the help of other members as we grow.

What’s your talent, outside of your job? Express it in the Garden, with new friends, your own family, shake it out, and grow something!!

The cool thing about this club is it’s for beginner’s only. No question is a stupid question, no idea is out of this world. I have taken tons of people past their realm of any “Outdoor Living” to the point they now teach their neighbors, friends, families. When you don’t need me anymore, then I did my job.

In this Garden For Beginners Club we will:

Create a page with your current pics, in progress pics, and finished project pics.

Learn from your emails, as I produce vids answering your questions.

Find ways to grow in constricted areas, deal with your lighting, get acquainted with others, and their restrictions, and you share.

And more, as the club grows.

It’s January, It’s time, start sending me your plans, pics, wants. New people always don’t realize where their Sun light actually is, so as part of your new Garden Journal, Smart phone, compass app, take a Screen Pic with your back against either back or front door. Save it, this is your new setting. Send them to me and I will publish them, get this going RVA!!

Remember, We are mostly in Zone 7a, so if you get into researching live goods, stay in that zone. We’ll get into that later. Oh, and as we get going, introduce yourself, short bio, I’ll post the new links later.

Time to get Dirty RVA!