Going Off The Grid

What Is “Off The Grid”?

So many people are living a wilderness life now. TV shows, documentaries, self awareness, even classes and clubs. Who are these folks? How did they “win” a spot on the show? As I have been warning over the past several years, to be “Self Reliant”, Re-purpose, Up-cycle, Finding your strengths is no match for improving on your weakness. Most are scripted, fail/can’t fail according to the media they have signed up for. There’s even “naked” folks, trying to make a bonus check they wouldn’t even blink back at their experiences in the jungle, when it’s done.

So, if the Grid collapsed today, what would you do? Where would you be tonight? What would you take with you? Can’t call anyone, towers are down. Propane/gas generator can’t be refilled after you are out, fuel plants are shut down. Looters, what would you take? TV’s, electronics, etc?

Have you tried to live a day, week, month, without using any power whatsoever? We all do when a Tropical Storm or Ice Storm is coming. We hoard grocery items, because we know it’s coming, maybe out of power 3 days, a week, 3 weeks max. Someone, will fix the lines.

But what if….. What if I had to make a decision, to pack up things, hit the road, what would I take? How far, who knows where to meet, what else to bring, dark is coming, how long do you stay at home, or where you are? Stuck in an elevator? Can’t get out of the parking deck?

Who has an actual plan. Can’t imagine the unimaginable? Think again. Who would you grab along the way? 3/4 tank of gas, Some frozen food, canned goods, Jewelry, cash, Fire logs and a lighter? Remember, banks are down, no electrical anything. Phone is charged, but no actual communication other than you’re voice in the wind. It’s just a clock now. 1940 has just become your life.

Now, push thru 50 days. You made a few correct decisions and about 9,000 wrong ones. Surrounded by some that are weighing you down. Who was your first pick? Who do you say “Stay, someone will find you”? Me? A few of the homeless folks I gave a few dollars to in the past, they already are off the grid. They didn’t know, until I said “Get In”! We didn’t go back to live where they did, we made out for a new type of life. A few folks that were called, “Hoarders“, they know what was saved and why. Saw a value in it, the “Pile of Things“. We now have a new Mayor, and a Minister of “What is it”…

In the last 3 weeks, I have been pretending to be off that grid, cranky, scared, collecting, searching, tired, different menu, (hence the “cranky”) just to be able to test, ME…. No winning bonus, no bumping off other contestants, no medivac, no inclination of a re-run. Won’t be asked back next season.

By “pretending“, I mean, to not use any outside info at hand to interfere with my decisions, planning, wants vs needs, comfort, electronic usage for travel, whenever I felt, “comfortable” in doing so. Made it this far, hence my absence in a few online servers and boring apps. I watched a few groups “claim” to be homesteaders”, off the grid living, but still had those big box store purchases to build their “thingy”. Bragging about their finds on sale. Registers are down now, doors are locked, payroll has ceased nationwide… Time ended, a minute ago……

I could build a life from the nearest landfill throw away items. That’s a hint of the place I would loot…… The Cops/National Guard, would be at every merchant in the country, not the local landfill. What would be you’re priority, if you knew, the Grid, was done, for maybe years?

There’s a little of my take for those of you who always… Always ask me what would I do… If it’s such a concern, then you plan your stay/escape. Others have boasted they have an escape, and that they would burn their home as they left.. Why? There will be new forms of Nomads traveling thru, what you left, is no importance to you anymore.

Let your “talent’s” be your new moniker. Not your career. Diploma’s are out the window, dead load if you use that. Talent’s, that will get you in, to the village you came upon. So now, with your Talent, what would you take with you? It’s now a time in life that you decide, “What good am I to others“?

Feel free, to comment, with what you are good at, simple sentence or one word. Tell me why I should let you in to my village, because of what you salvaged. Remember, the whole Country, is deaf, no signal, dead stick. You are on fumes, it’s getting dark, day 9… Convince the Mayor.