Vacation Time Is Here RVA!! Who’s minding Your Landscape?

Vacation Time in RVA. Who’s Minding The Livegoods?

It’s that time of year again RVA! Vacation time, school is out, planning that long awaited get away….. Have a great time. Got the mail stopped, reservations, vehicle checked, etc…. But who’s minding your landscape? Depending on a timer? Insects, fungus, Squirrels, Rabbits etc., love an irrigation timer, and let’s face it, Spring 2017 was a rough one here in Richmond, Va. And now the season is opening for new things like Bag Worms, Japanese Beetles, Storms, and more.

So, what do you think? How about your own personal “Garden Baby Sitter?” As a Personal Garden Coach, this is only a part of what we do. We get hired to tend to all the landscape as well as indoor plants. Most of our clients we’ve helped thru the years get us to be the “Look out” for the hard work and expense they have invested.

The Parameters:

Walk your property with you in advance of your departure, this helps with the layout of your beds, watering, problems you had, etc.

Take pictures of areas, identify any problems currently happening, get your input about any chemicals used, organics, products, etc, that will be taken into account. Any recommendations about light pruning, debris removal, soil conditions, fertilization, insect/fungus abatement, will all be taken into account.

No… Mowing, edging, hauling away debris, leaf blowing, or anything that requires more than “light pruning”. Watering, fertilizing, organic spraying, hand pruners only. We are Plant Sitting, not landscaping.

So if you are interested in this service preferably in the RVA West End/Glen Allen areas, feel free to contact me at for rates starting at $45.oo per maintenance visit under 1/2 acre. I will be there every day at some point, but I only charge for the days I feel I need to water or other chores. All pics are time/date stamped, so you will know actual records of my time.

I take pics each visit, digital record of plant health, measure rain water on your property, and I will text you anything that I feel you need to know of that is outside our original discussion.

Having someone on your property at different times while you are away, is also a good thing to deter break ins. Just make sure your neighbors know, I’ve been confronted before, in the backyard, with a hose in my hand, while watering Herbs on the deck, by the nice guy next door, while he’s calling 911…. and I was calling my client…….  I ended up having the neighbor as a new client after that…..

So have a great time, I have years of experience as a Personal Garden Coach, and I come with references upon request.