Who’s Handling Your Veggies?

Who’s Handling Your Veggies?

So I was at one of those “Locally Grown” places the other day. The vendor who was unloading the truck with racks of veggies, was slamming them with Tomatoes, Leafy Herbs, and Strawberries. There were two people doing the unload. The thing that got me was, the one in the truck, was smoking. I know I have done a blog before on simple housekeeping and fungus in veggie gardens, but this was something to see. Smoking around Tomatoes, especially, is asking for trouble. Tobacco Mosaic Virus is a common thing to avoid, but this guy, was starting the consumer off, behind already. I thought about asking him about the housekeeping task he was breaking, but I know these people are in a mass market for those who, can’t… The one thing I did ask about though, to the store employee, was the Aphids on the Peppers, and all I got was a blank stare, and a side step to the next person with, “Can I help you Ma’am?”… I was completely ignored. Then, a cool stare, and one of those walk offs… Infested with Aphids. Hmm, glad I start my own. I forgot why I had stopped there, was something else I was checking on, probably something covert, knowing me, but I just kept my cool, and left, knowing my people know better. I should have stayed a bit and listened to this employee because there were about 15 people waiting for the stocking to finish, and had questions. But I relented, and peacefully left. I’m not a militant gardener, but witnessing this type of scenario, made me write this. Won’t get into GMO, Roundup, 2-4d, or other government funded facts when it comes to what we are eating. Just thought I’d share this with you, and hopefully, gently, urge you to grow your own. It’s easy, and fun. Ya don’y know how? Then that’s why there are Personal Garden Coaches like me around.

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BTW, this is the third year the “Locally Grown Organic” stores are going to congress about limiting you on how much you can grow of 5 common veggies, and yes, several localities last year adopted it… has to do with you growing your own, and them losing money, and if you look closely, those veggies aren’t “locally grown”. They aren’t “local” until they are pulled off the truck. Their “thing” is, you aren’t USDA certified to swap with a neighbor. Look into it, it’s there. Funny thing about going national, I have been able to dig a little deeper when these things are dropped in my lap. Oh, the people I’ve met in the last year. Sustainable living, was a cool thing, until big money folks started losing, money while we save in these hard times.